Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kaylee's Halloween party

First of all I wanted to let everyone know that I have done a major update with 4 different posts so keep reading.
It is especially important to read the PSS two posts ago about me losing my phone and needing everyone's numbers again.
Okay on to this post... Kaylee had her preschool Halloween party today. She dressed up as Hannah Montana. She was glad that she grew her hair out long so that it was like Hannah's hair.
Miss Lynn and the classmate. Poor Tyler is the only boy in the class of princesses, pop star, and Fancy Nancy's

Miss Lynn let Taylor do a neclace too. She will be ready for preschool next year.

Miss Lynn with her students. A few kids were missing. There are normally 8 kids in the class.

Fun fall photos

This morning Kaylee had a Halloween party at preschool. We took a few pictures of her in her Hannah Montana costume. Taylor had to have her turn as well. I took a ton of Tay because she just kept hamming it up. I was surprised she was smiling at all because it was so cold outside.

If you look closely at this picture you will notice the frankenstein has braces.

Here is Hannah Montana. Well we aren't allowed to call her that. For some reason Kaylee does not want to be called Hannah, she is just dressing up as Hannah for Halloween.

Kaylee has the longest darkest eyelashes. I put some mascara on her today and they looked so long.

Mom's birthday

Well I had another birthday. It seems the older we get the less of a big deal it is. I didn't feel any different, but it was nice to be important and feel extra loved for the day. I got to have lunch with some awesome friends. Jeff also met us at the end of lunch so that was fun to see him during the day. Jeff also surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered to our house. The kids bought me a pair of headphones since I lost them somewhere on our trip. We also went out to Pizza hut for dinner. Pizza Hut? I know some of you are wondering. Well I really like Pizza Hut and Jeff does not so we don't get to go there very often. I also was not in the mood to fight my kids and make them be on their best behavior. At Pizza Hut, no one cares! It was a great dinner.
Don't know what set Taylor off, probably just tired.

Beautiful flowers from Jeff

My little sweeties. Glad I could spend my birthday with them.

PS Thank you for all of the birthday wishes on facebook and my phone, made my day extra special.

PSS I also lost my cell phone in Hawaii which means I no longer have anyones phone numbers. If you would all please send me a text(remember to write your name on it.) or e-mail me with your number I would appreciate it. I feel lost without people's numbers. Thanks.

Carving pumpkins

For Family Home evening this week we carved pumpkins. Since I was feeling a budget crunch from our recent trip to Hawaii we decided to do a boys pumkin and a girls pumpkin. The boys did a great Steelers logo and the girls did a princess pumpkin.
Ryan took this picture of us. Not too bad except for cutting off my head.

This is a repeat picture. Does anyone know how to delete a picture once you post it? I can't seem to figure it out. Kaylee asked me what we had to clean out of the pumpkin and I told her the "Pumpkin guts". For the rest of the evening the favorite word was "guts". The girls didn't want to touch the guts though. Kaylee thought they smelled bad.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blankies & Scouting

Today Talor was helping me wash the sheets and blankets. While I was loading the washer she was sneaking in some cuddle time with her blankie. She didn't even care that it was wet. She loves her blankie and her thumb. As you will see in the last picture, she loves her thumb a little too much. Check aout the buck teeth. Good thing Dad knows how to fix them later.

Ryan is now officially a cub scout. He has been to 2 den meeting so far, but I finally got on the ball and got him his shirt and book. Even though I was a den leader myself not too long ago I never had to tackle badges on a shirt. Who knew scouting could be so complicated. Last week in between the den meetings Ryan worked and already passed off his bobcat. He is really good at memorization so it was a breeze for him. Now we need to get working on all the other stuff while he is so excited.

This is Ryan running to den meeting. It is awesome because it is in the culde sac opposite our house. Yeah! I don't have to drive him anywhere.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Ryan's Baptism & 8th Birthday.

Well we have officially made it to this momentus birthday. At least as a Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints it is a big Birthday. Ryan turned 8 and was baptized on the same day. He was also confirmed a member of the church and given the Holy ghost. It was an awesome experience. I am so blessed that Jeff was able to perform these ordinances for our son.

We are also so blessed that we could have some family in town. Jeff's two older brothers and younger sister and their families were there. My parents and Grandma were there also. Jeff's Grandpa Hanks came as well as some close friends in the ward. We did miss having Grandma & Grandpa McMinn there, but we know they are needed in Nauvoo on their mission. We love them and appreciate the example they are setting for us and our kids.

My handsome boys all in white.

We are so proud of our son.

What a handsome boy. we tried to get some pics of just Ryan when we got to the church, but of course that is the moment the camera decided to stop working. Luckily it came back to life so that we could get Ryan in his white baptism clothing.
Since we had so much family in town and the kids had the day off from school we decided to go to the fun zone and play lazer tag and have some fun. The red team rocked (yeah for mom & Ryan).

Ryan with his spoils. He earned quite a few tickets and used them for treats.

My sister in Law Tiffany after she got sprayed with disappearing ink. I like this picture, it is too bad she never checks our blog.

Kaylee with her candy neclace

Taylor also chose treats with her tickets. Kali is helping her eat her sixlets, she was loving them.

Excited to open presents.

His first set of scriptures from Grandpa & Grandma McMinn

Ryan opening his marble toy from Grandma & Grandpa Byington & Uncle Phil & Aunt Stephanie. It is really cool, but it had 500 pieces to put together. Thanks to Uncle Brian, Mom, and some cousins for helping Ryan to put it together.