Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day Four Coronado Island

This was by far my favorite day on our trip. I am trying to hold on to the memory of the sun on my face and skin as long as I can. I am trying to make it through this winter without a major meltdown about the loonnnggg Idaho winters. Thank goodness for San Diego. I think I might make it. The kids loved the beach too! They played in the sand and water for hours. The only problem we encountered was when Taylor had to go to the potty. Ryan and I and Tay set off to find one. About a half hour later we still hadn't made it. We were probably a mile from the potty. By the time we got back to our towels Jeff and Kaylee were no where to be seen. What we did see were seagulls eating our apples. We scared them away and shook of their sandy footprints from our towels.
We called Jeff and of course Kaylee had to go potty. He was wondering how much farther he had to go. Ha Ha just keep walking. We decided at that point that maybe we should get some lunch so I took the kids and we met him for a Panera Bread lunch and yummy frozen Yogurt for dessert. The yogurt was my favorite food on the trip. They had about 8 different flavors, we tried Banana, Raspberry, Hershey kiss, oreo, and vanilla. After you get your yogurt you get to put whatever toppings on it you want. I filled mine up with fresh fruit. Then to figure out the cost of the treats, you weigh it. It was great!

They tried to all work together on a sandcastle, but it didn't go so well. Too many bosses wanting to fill the bucket, pat the sand, dump the bucket, or be in charge.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 3-Sea World

Sea World was the next stop on our San Diego adventure. One of our first stops was the Shamu show. I am always amazed at these whales and the things that they are trained to do. I wondered how my kids would like it, and I was very pleased that they loved it as much as I did. When we got there we split up because Ryan and Kaylee wanted to sit in the splash zone. Taylor was adamant that she did not want to get wet. So we parted. Tay and I ended up sitting in the splash zone, but at the very top of it. I also had to cover her with my sweat shirt whenever we knew the splashes were coming. Ryan was very disappointed that he did not get wet even though he was in the zone. Waiting for the sea Lion show. Ryan was complaining before it started and asked "why do we have to sit through another show?" He ended up loving it and laughed the entire time. I admit that my cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing.

I wanted to post this serious picture of Taylor, she is rarely serious.
Kaylee showing her sticker finger nails.

We don't have a picture of the favorite thing of Ryan and Kaylee. They loved the Atlantis ride. I was the sucker who had to go with them. It was a fun ride if only it didn't require us to get soaked. Of course that is one of the reasons that the kids liked it.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 2- Legoland

Day 2 in San Diego we spent at Lego Land. The kids loved it! It was pretty fun for us too except that Jeff and I had to ride most of the rides with the kids because Kaylee and Taylor were too short. Ryan had fun, but he kept waiting for the thrill rides like they have at Lagoon. He is a thrill Junkie. Unfortunately the rides at Legoland are a little too tame for him. He enjoyed his day anyways.
This is a little lego family in the parking lot.

The Zebras in the background are made of Legos. Just about every prop or decoration in the whole park was made out of legos. It was pretty amazing.

Taylor did the best Lion Roar!

Posing as always.

For some reason when Kaylee did this ride she fell apart. It may have been because she had to do it by herself or because she had complete control of the car. She didn't have any more melt downs the rest of the day.
Ryan enjoyed his driving school experience, no tears here.

Taylor got to see the real Bob the builder (in costume) and she was so excited. I am thinking she would love to go to Disney and meet all the characters. This Bob is made out of Legos

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

San Diego-Day 1

Yes this is going to be one of those many post trips. We just love to take pictures too much! We went to San Diego this weekend so that Jeff could do a CE Course. We flew out on Thursday morning and got home Monday afternoon. It was a quick trip that left all of us exhausted. It was fun to be together as a family. The kids did pretty good and we can see many good trips in the future as they get older. Our first afternoon we went to La Jolla to walk around on the beach. Jeff had me look on the map for La Hoya (La Jolla), but apparently I couldn't read Spanish and all I saw was La Jolla sounded out phonetically.
The kids loved running and playing on the beach.

This is the Children's beach in La Jolla which is really a birthing sanctuary for seals. They were laying all over the beach and there were some really little ones. So cute.