Thursday, August 26, 2010

temple pics

A couple weeks ago we got to go to the temple to be with Erica and Casey. Erica is my sister's sister in law, but also my favorite babysitter, house cleaner, and all around great girl. She has been such a great example to my kids and we all love her very much. While we were waiting for them to come out of the temple for pictures we had a mini little photo shoot. The Kids with Great Grandma Byington

I thought this was so cute because Kaylee asked Taylor to hold the water on for her. These 2 get along so well. They are constantly saying "you are my best sister ever" I am so grateful that they were born close together.
Kids with Grandma & Grandpa Byington

Okay so I am posting this pic solely because of comments from friends who do not live close about how cute and small I am when I am pregnant. Well there you have it ladies. Not so small this time.

These next shots are of Jeff and the girls messing around. They are so cute. Jeff is such a great dad!

Here is Erica the beautiful bride. I loved her dress especially the sash that was added to it. What a great idea to incorporate the wedding colors into the dress.

Also I may or may not be doing some more posts in the coming days, just depends on how I feel. Blogging has definitely taken back seat to playing this summer. Also it has taken backseat to resting and surviving.

Only 23 more days until this baby it due! Hooray.