Thursday, February 17, 2011

cute baby/sad family

 These pictures are from the NFC playoff game that the steelers won to go to the superbowl.  Of course we were not sad at this game, but the superbowl was a sad game for our family.  For the playoffs we had a fun family party complete with football food and eating in the family room(For those of you that know Jeff well, this is a very big deal).  The kids loved it.  I had to post these pictures of our family with the self timer.  Apparently I am not very good at getting a good shot with the self timer.  My hubby was not very patient either to let me have more than a few chances to get it right.  The game was sarting after all. 

                                                  2 more great self timer shots.  Gotta love it.
 OK now the cute baby part of the post.  My baby is growing up so fast.  It is really making me sad.  These pictures were taken about a month ago during his first cereal feeding.  I think he is the most adorable boy.  He has been so fun to have around although having 4 kids puts a lot of stress on me, I wouldn't have it any other way.  So what is Tyson up to these days?  Well first of all he is sitting up all by himself.  Which is a good thing because his legs do not fit comfotably in the bumbo chair anymore.  His fat thighs get too squished and it is hard to get him out of it.  Tyson is also grabbing for everything.  He is especially interested in my cell phone and hair.  He has caused tears to a couple of his siblings.  I wish I could say that he is sleeping through the night still, but we are having a hard time keeping this boy asleep.  He is up 2 times a night and occasionally he will stay awake for up to an hour early early in the a.m.  He is also an early bird.  He must like to see dad before Jeff leaves to work because as soon as Jeff turns on the shower he is up.  I could go on and on about this precious little boy, but it is time for bed since I will be up with him in a couple of hours.