Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fun Zone Birthday

To celebrate Taylor's third birthday she wanted to go to the fun zone with her friends. Her best buddies right now are both boys and she loves them. Andrew and Jett(Jetters) are the boys of two of my close friends so naturally they get to spend a lot of time together. Taylor's birthday is not until the 26th, but because of spring break and a hectic schedule we got to do it a little early. I hope she isn't too confused. Everyone had a great time and the older siblings were glad that we did it on a day off from school so that they could take part in the fun too.Andrew & Taylor

Playing Skee Ball. None of these guys could roll the ball hard enough to really play, but they sure liked to try.

Andrew, Taylor, and Jett

What a special little girl. She is my joy!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

hair cuts

The girls and I went and got our haircut yesterday. They love going and getting pampered and having attention. Kristi Smith at Dragonfly always does an amazing job and I am so happy with how the girls look in their new short hair cuts. Kaylee came out of preschool saying that she wanted to get her hair cut like Tambree's. Tambree has a short little bob so I was surprised. Jeff has been telling Kaylee she needs to cut her hair short for awhile, but she loved her long hair. For some reason Jeff loves shorter hair on girls and women, weird huh? Anyways, by lunch time Kaylee had changed her mind and wanted just a trim. So just a trim was what we decided. You see I really like long hair on little girls so I was happy with the decision. I didn't tell Kaylee that because I did not want to sway her decision.
When we got to Dragonfly Taylor went first. I knew I wanted to cut hers a little shorter and since she is still only 2 it is really my decision. Once Kaylee saw how cute Taylor's looked she was excited to get hers the same. This is how they turned out.

On a side note--Yesterday I broke the news to the girls that we are going to have a new baby in our family! Yes I am pregnant with number 4! The girls were super excited, Kaylee couldn't stop smiling. She has been asking when I was going to have another baby for awhile. She has even had a couple of dreams about me having a baby. Taylor of course is excited, but she doesn't understand completely. She asked this morning "how many days until the baby comes?" It is going to be a long summer. I am due Sept 18th and I am 12 weeks along. I am still feeling super yucky, but I have hope in sight. Usually by 14 weeks I am feeling much better.