Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Western Caribbean cruise

Here are the long awaited pictures from our cruise. Sorry there are quite a few pictures. It was a western Caribbean cruise on Carnival. Our ship was called the Freedom of the Seas. It is the largest cruise ship in the world. It was awesome to be on such a big ship, but the drawback was having so many people on board. On The few nice days that we had it was hard to find a lawn chair. It was also difficult to find a seat at the buffet. (yes we were not discouraged and we did frequent the buffet.) Janelle and I had an especially memorable snack run to the buffet at about 6:30pm. We were still in our workout clothes and no makeup, ect. People that were there for dinner were looking at us funny. We were starving though and couldn't wait until our 8:30 dinner time. This is the wave rider. We don't know this guy, he was just demonstrating how it worked. Jeff got to boogie board on it a few times and he thought it was really fun. The pictures didn't really turn out because it was dark.
This is the H2O zone. We thought our kids would have had fun there. But then we would have been stuck there and that didn't sound fun at all.

This is our welcome aboard photo. Yeah!

This was one of the formal nights.

Another formal night.

Labadee Haiti was our first stop. The weather wasn't great. Most of the day it was overcast and we had a few sprinkles. We decided to wait out the line for the tender boats in the hammocks.

The market in haiti. We didn't buy anything here.

This picture doesn't show it very well, but this is the zip line that we went down. It is the longest, tallest, zip line over water. The lines you see are almost to the landing zone. Up on the hill is the starting point. It was really fun and I am glad that we did it.

This was the third stop. This was my favorite day, I think. I would be sure, but we had cool rainy weather again. We were freezing in the water. We took a two hour bus ride to the falls and we got to see a lot of the coastline and hear the culture and history of Jamaica. we had a wonderful guide that made us laugh.

Here we are starting the falls hike, The guides wanted us to sit in the water and get wet, I wasn't quite ready yet!

This gives an idea of the amount of people going up the falls. Yes we climbed up the falls in the water. It was a cool hike. Our videographer (pictured in the yellow shirt) was a nut. He made us Yell "Ya Mon" and "No Problem" throughout the hike. He also had us kiss each other a lot and do group cheers. I really could have done without so much cheering. I also didn't love the water fight that he made us participate in.

We are soaked by this point and starting to shiver. I don't know where Craig and Janelle are in this picture. Hmm

This sign was on the side of the road as we were heading back to the ship. It is hard to read, but it said "strickly No Dumping"


Jeff in front of the Liberty

This is after our Scuba Dive excursion. We went with Rob and Janelle. It was so fun. It was a drift dive and I loved it. Oh and the weather was nice and hot this day. Too bad I couldn't work on my real tan at 80 feet below the surface.

One of the fun towel creations left in our room.
I also don't have pictures from our sting Ray snorkel on Grand Cayman, Janelle and I went with Glenn & Annette. Jeff and Rob were diving. It was a really great experience, especially once we stopped squeeling like 12 year old girls. It took us a while. Janelle even got a nice souvenir after she fed the sting ray a squid. This was also one of my favorite excursions. Cayman was a nice day too.
we also had a fun time before our cruise left in Miami. We went on an airboat tour through the everglades. I also got to hold an alligator. I have some pictures, but they didn't down load, and I am tired of blogging, so sorry, I am done. Boy this is rough.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Spray tan 2

As promised here are the pictures from my spray tan before my cruise.

This is right after I got sprayed. Sorry for the belly shot. I thought it gave the most Hawaiian Tropic/umpa loompa effect.
This is the next morning before the shower. It is quite nice looking don't you think?

Okay so this is about 6 days after the tan. I didn't have any pictures from the few days after, but as you can see I am definitely not that tan. Just enough to take the bright white away. When I get the rest of the pictures downloaded I will post about the cruise. We had a great time.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fun kids craft kit

This is one of the gifts that our kids got for Christmas. It has been a lot of fun for my girls(mostly Kaylee) so I thought I would share. There are a lot of different activites and crafts included. I love that you don't need anything additional for the projects, not even glue. They are simple things and can be as quick or long as the attention span lasts. Just thought I would pass it along. I love when moms recommend good products to me.