Friday, April 1, 2011

Expensive family pictures

You might wonder why Jeff is swimming in the pool with all of his clothes on.  Also notice the i-phone that he just fished out of his pocket.  Whoops!  Fast forward a few pictures to get the whole story.

Of course it is all my fault for wanting to take a family picture on the waterfall.  At least that is what Jeff thinks.  Earlier in the day I had suggested taking a casual picture just before sunset on the waterfall.  Jeff reluctantly agreed, but then BYU decided to play stupid basketball and had the game go into overtime.  So the sun was down all the way but I still wanted to try since it was our last night to do it.  We rushed out to the pool.  I stepped across the rocks first followed by Taylor and Jeff.  Jeff was holding onto Tay to help her across the rocks.  Well Jeff lost his footing and was headed for a crash on the rocks.  Instead of taking the fall he quickly dove into the pool safely.  Well he was safe, but the i-phone was waterlogged.  So this has to be the most expensive family picture we have ever had taken.  Thanks Kevin for taking it.  Too bad you didn't get the money. 

 The picture turned out pretty good, but too dark.  You can barely tell that Jeff is soaking wet unless you zoom in.  We had a good laugh.  Jeff pulled his phone out so quickly.  I joked that had he had one of the kids going in with him which would he have pulled out first--the child or the cell phone? 
Might as well go in again since he was already wet.  This time without the cell phone in his pocket.