Friday, January 22, 2010

Skiing at Targhee

We went skiing at Targhee last weekend with the kids. Jeff had Thursday and Friday off so we went a stayed at the resort and played on the slopes for 2 days. It was Taylor's first time skiing and it was so cute. She is starting the youngest of any of our kids. By the end she was doing so good and skiing on her own. Kaylee got to where she could do it on her own without her edgie wedgie, Only because it broke. We did have a melt down by the 2 girls on Friday morning and they got to experience 4 hours at the kids club. It was really nice for Jeff and I to ski with Ryan on the big hill.
The kids also loved the outdoor pool and hot tub in the evenings. The pool is heated, but not enough for my enjoyment. The hot tub felt great and it was such a pretty setting. Targhee has some great deals for lodging and skiing right now. It was fun to ski right up to the hotel when we were done. We had never experienced that before.

Doesn't this look fun? Jeff is so patient with beginners. He stayed on the magic carpet with the 2 girls for about 2 hours on the first day.

Ryan liked the magic carpet too for awhile, but then we headed up to the bigger hill.

Going up on the lift. Kaylee was pretty brave and wanted to go up. The meltdown happened when she fell down and wouldn't listen to us about how to lay on her side and learn to stand up. She just wanted us to pick her up and do it for her.

Up at the top of the hill. I love the views at the top of Targhee, you can see the Tetons in the background.

Taylor got so good that we were playing ski through the tunnel with her. She loved it. I will have to have Jeff post the video of her skiing. It is so cute.
Jeff could tell her little pizza, big pizza, and stop and she could do it by herself. She was also turning on her own.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Taylor's tumbling class

*I posted 2 posts today so after this one continue on.
After almost three years, well actually longer, of accompanying me to watch Kaylee do tumbling it is finally Taylor's turn to take her own class. She absolutely loved it. It cracked me up when they tried to teach her how to do the splits and do a backbend. For a 2 year old she is pretty good and is very brave. It is funny because I remember when Kaylee started tumbling she would not jump off of anything, she couldn't jump on the tramp right and it took a couple of years for her to bear jumping into the pit. It is amazing the differences in their personalities.

Cousin time

Over Christmas Jeff's brother Kevin and his wife Stephanie, and their two cute girls stayed with us for a few nights. It was so much fun to have them here. This is their last night and the kids were having so much fun playing. Of couse I don't think Sophie got put down once. She is so sweet.

Rylee and Taylor were going to school. I put the hat on Tay because her hair was out of control. I thought she would look back on these pictures and think that I was a neglectful mom and that I didn't take care of her. The truth is that her just showered hair is not a pretty sight. We have to either curl or straighten her hair after the shower or it looks terrible. She looks cute with a hat though!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I know Chrismas is over. It already feels like it was months ago. I feel like life is finally settling into a normal pace so you will get to now see pics from Christmas. We had a wonderful holiday and are so grateful for our blessings and our little family.

Taylor loved her boots and had to have them on most of the morning.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

Monday, January 11, 2010

McMinn photo shoot

During our trip to Utah for the McMinn cousin Christmas party we had family pictures done. It was so fast and painless and most of the kids cooperated really well. I love the setting with the barn and the snow. It was fun and we surprised Grandma & Grandpa with them for their Christmas. They loved it.
We loved the huggy pictures
This shot took a little work to get Rylee to stop pulling on Kevin's face and to get Corbin happy. So in the middle of the shoot, Corbin was switched out for Maddie. In the meantime Poor Rob had Brooke on his shoulders. It's a good thing for Jeff, Kevin, and Craig that the youngest in the family is 2. Well in Kevin's case his baby was too little for a shoulder ride.
All the cousins. This is one of the only ones that Corbin is not crying.

Another hugging pic.
The sibling clowning around
We did not get a single picture with these guys where everyone was looking at the camera. Hmm they are all old enough to follow directions don't you think.
Once again not a single good picture with everyone looking. Mostly it is the siblings again. The in-laws did a good job :)
I loved the color in these pics and of course the model.