Friday, July 16, 2010

Kaylee is now officially a 2-wheeler biker. We took her training wheels off months ago, but she was not interested in trying. Jeff and I would both offer to hold her and push her, but we would make it the length of the driveway and she would be done.
Last week I guess she decided that she was big enough to do it on her own. With Kaylee it has to be her own idea. She taught herself to ride in a few days and now she is zooming around the cul de sac. She loves riding her 2-wheeler. Also notice that Kaylee is wearing a dress. She loves dresses and wears one almost every day, but in the summer it is not the best idea. I have bought her a few pairs of shorts to go under the dresses. It is funny because my mom tells me that I insisted on wearing a dress every day to Kindergarten.