Saturday, June 11, 2011

First Field Trip

Kaylee had her first field trip at the end of Kindergarten.  We went to the Pocatello Zoo (lamest zoo ever).  It was so fun to ride the bus!

 Mrs. Jensen's Kindergarten class.  Next year Mrs. Jensen will be teaching first grade and Kaylee will get to be in her class.  Should be good to have the teacher already know Kaylee. 
 Taylor and Tyson came along for the fun.
 Kaylee and some of her friends.  Her good buddies are right next to her.  Sophia and Madison.

 If you look close you can see Taylor's pony tail behind the stroller.  She was being a little stinker and wouldn't look at the camera.  This one has been going through a very long stage of being a stinker.  She is so cute, but just doesn't want to obey, doesn't want to help, doesn't want to listen.  Anyone else have a four year old going thru this.  Oh yeah and she throws massive tantrums that last for an hour or more.  I am trying to keep my cool, but there is a limit. 

 Having lunch, it was so cold by the time we got to lunch.  It was miserable, surprise, surprise!


First of all I know I am way behind.  Feels like blogging is a lot like life.  I feel like I am always behind.  Four kids seems to be putting me very near the edge!  I do love it, just very busy. 

So here are just a couple of pictures from Easter.  We had a great time with my family up in Jackson.  These pics were taken before church on Sunday.  My kids are getting so big. 

At Easter time there was still a lot of snow in Jackson.  This was taken at the trailhead for the Jenny Lake hike.