Friday, March 27, 2009

McMinn family pictures

We had family pictures done this month while everyone was in town for Glenn & Annette's farewell/retirement party. They will be leaving on their mission on April 6th. We are really excited for them, but we are dreading their departure. As you can guess it took a lot of bad pictures to get a few good ones with everyone looking. The worst offender I have to admit was Taylor. She just wasn't very cooperative. Her two cousins, Rylee and Jessica (both 2) were also hard to keep focused. I have to give it to Lindsay our photographer, she did a good job.

It was a cold day out so we took some inside too. I love our little family!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fruit Tart

Last year a group of my friends got to gether and started a recipe club. There are 12 ladies in the group and we are divided into teams of 4. Each month a team prepares a meal with a main dish, 2 sides, and a dessert. Then we exchange recipes all in the same format. It fits nicely in the same binders that each person purchased. This month was my team's month. The theme was spring/easter recipes. We had pork loin, seasoned potaoes, green bean, and I made the white chocolate fruit tart. I have been in love with the fruit tart at Fred Meyer and had hoped to duplicate the recipe. It wasn't quite as yummy, but close enough. Plus I think they are beautiful desserts.
As you can see the edges are perfectly scalloped, I perfected the technique by using an actual tart pan purchased from bed bath and beyond earlier that morning.

It is not a healthy dessert. I like to pretend because of the fruit, but I think the heavy cream, cream cheese, and white chocolate outweighs the fruit factor.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Broken Camera

Okay so I have not been able to post anything on our blog for awhile since my husband dropped our nice camera while we were on the cruise. The camera technically still took pictures on manual settings, but we sent it in to get fixed. They said it would take up to six weeks. So for now, no great pics. We do have our little camera that we have been taking pictures with, posts coming, but I cannot find the right USB cable that fits the camera. So the posts of the fruit tart, spring break, playground construction, and Taylor's birthday will all have to wait. I hope I can find that cord soon.